Tactical Life Saver Technician/TEMS Technician (40 hrs)

Tactical Life Saver Technician/TEMS Technician (40 hr)

The Tactical Life Saver Technician/TEMS Technician course provides more advanced life support tactical medicine techniques and comprehensive instruction on the role of EMS in tactical response planning, response, and inter-department operations when providing adjunct medical support to law enforcement personnel during active shooter and terrorism incidents.

Meets POST/EMSA Requirements

Meets California POST and EMSA requirements forTactical Life Saver Technician/TEMS Technician course.

Course Overview

An overview of the California tactical casualty care initiative and its emergency medical and fire agency personnel response to active law enforcement incidents within state EMS systems, plus:

  • common tactical and rescue terminology and operations
  • casualty movement and evacuation techniques
  • threat assessment considerations
  • description and demonstration of basic life support tactical casualty care techniques
  • tactical first-aid
  • chest seals
  • tourniquet application
  • patient extrication
  • downed officer rescue
  • airway adjuncts/tactical airway techniques
  • force-on-force scenario-based training
  • comprehensive, competency-based student demonstration
  • student skills testing

Tactical Life Saver Technician/TEMS Technician is a course designed to provide first responders basic life support tactical casualty care techniques and a broad overview of law enforcement tactical operations and first responder rescue operations methodologies. The course includes instructor demonstrations and student skills testing of the competency standards identified in EMSA TCC Tactical Life Saver Technician/TEMS Technician guidelines. Although this course does not require pre-requisites to attend, it is recommended that students have prior first aid, CPR, and AED knowledge or experience consistent with public safety first aid training pursuant to CCR Title 22, Division 9, Chapter 1.5.

This course is comprehensive and includes rescuing downed team members and treating them for the most common injuries sustained in a tactical situation.

Tactical Life Saver Technician/TEMS Technician course is a comprehensive, 1 week (40 hour) course for public safety, law enforcement personnel, EMT’s, AEMT’s, paramedics, as defined by CCR Title 22, Division 9, Chapters 1.5 - Chapter 4 and other individuals (such as physicians or nurses) with minimal to no knowledge or experience in Tactical Casualty Care techniques that may either volunteer or be employed to perform as adjunct medical support first responders during an active law enforcement incident in California. Due to the broad range of potential attendees, NorCal TacMed instructors will assess attendees’ current medical knowledge and skills then adjust the course curriculum to meet student needs. EMT’s, AEMT’s, and paramedics are trained to provide a higher level of medical care. However, as of April 1, 2017, the concepts of tactical casualty care are not presently part of the required curriculum found in California regulations. Consequently, it is highly recommended that all EMTs, Advanced EMTs, and paramedics are trained to the standards described in these guidelines.

We encourage each student to dress as closely as possible in his or her "duty ready" gear. You will be on the ground and you may even (gasp!) perspire! In some cases (depending on attendees), force on force training is utilized. Dress with training in mind, with your duty gear, the medical gear you carry (if any), and wearing the clothing (or clothing similar) to your duty uniform. "You fight like you train." - General George S. Patton

This course is approved by the Sierra-Sacramento Valley EMS Agency and satisfies the recommendations and mandates set forth by California Health and Safety Code § 1797.218, 1797.220 and 1798, the California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Division 9, § 100145 and 100169 and the California POST/EMSA Tactical Medicine Operational Programs and Standardized Training Recommendations – July 2017.

This course is approved for 40 hours of continuing education.

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